Looking Back

Looking Back

I haven’t woven (or should I say, finished) a tapestry in a very long time. Inspired by a customer who just ordered the 38 inch weave to embark on tapestry (and bead weaving) after having in her past woven fabric, I decided I needed to look at some of my past tapestry images. So I picked ones that are nolonger with me. You don’t think you are going to miss these pieces when you sell them. You think: wow someone gave me money for that and it’s going to hang on their wall. Isn’t that great! But I miss them.

The one to the right is called “Fragments.

It was woven on a linen warp which was wonderful. The piece came off so rich and stiff and complete. loom it was like drinking a really expensive wine after only drinking cheap stuff for years. Tapestry weaving became magical and not nearly as difficult (this experience must have greatly contributed to creating the Mirrix so that others would have that great tapestry weaving experience without having to buy a huge and expensive floor loom).

These pieces are not shown in order of their creation. This piece was also not woven on the Mirirx.

It lives in a home in Wisconsin. Sold from a show I did there. Interestingly enough, the folks who bought it had me turn it sideways for them to hang (I had to change the bar on the back that I use to hang my tapestries . . . something for a future discussion). I wove a series of tapestries in this style. The diamond pattern was fun to weave and allowed for some surprising progressions.

The tapestry below ended up in the office of the Church that also bought the set of tapestries below.

Light of the World:  These two hang side by side in a Church in Wisconsin.  My first serious commission.  The big challenge was to make sure the image flowed from one  tapestry to the other.

Our pond in Wisconsin (where I lived for four years and where I founded Mirrix.) This was done on a Mirrix Loom. I gave this to my loom company partner at the time right before we headed back to New Hampshire to live. He is no longer my loom company partner but I suspect he still owns this tapestry.

Acorns in a tree to the right.  I don’t know who owns it because it sold through a gallery.  This was a rare realistic piece.  It was based on a tiny photograph I found in a Nature Conservancy magazine.

The tapestry below is called “They worshiped the sun God.”  It came out exactly as I envisioned it.  I use a lot of weft bundles with strands of wool and rayon.

The below tapestry is called Window, I believe.  Again, it sold through a gallery so I don’t know where it now lives.

Night Vision, below, lives a corporate headquarters somewhere in Boston.  I forget the name!


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