New Woven Work on the Mirrix

The best thing about this job . . . running Mirrix . . . is the opportunity to weave new pieces on the Mirrix.  Hard sometimes to stop and actually answer the phone (p.s. the best way to get in touch with me is through email: because at least one computer/blackberry is turned on or with me) when I am in the “flow” state.  It’s been flowing a lot lately. Maybe it’s the inspiring colors of autumn or maybe it’s just my time to fall into that state where all I can think about (until life knocks on my brains door) is color and shape and how those beads can replicate what I see in my mind.

I am trying to combine loom work with off loom work and have come up with the following piece:

The strap is loom woven.  I’ve used quite a few gold plated and rhodium plated beads with a sprinkling of some great subtle greens and dark reds.  The triangles are not yet attached.  They were formed from peyote stitch/herringbone.  I am not yet sure how I will attach them or what I will do with the black fringe.  I do know that I will place either semi-precious stones or crystals inside the triangles.  I do know that the points will face down.  I might actually string beads onto some of the fringe and weave the rest back into the piece.  But until that image finds its way into my brain, this piece will have to rest.

The next piece was intended to be a belt but my impatience forced me to take it off the loom.  I also realized that it would make a great necklace.  This piece has, besides the loom woven strap, an off-loom created triangle.  It’s two-sided and buries all those tied off loom warps!

The beads are 11/0 Delicas.  I made up a bunch of symbols.  I am fascinated with symbols and geometric shapes.  Have gotten away from weaving such shapes until recently and suddenly remembered how much I love them.

I wove both these pieces on a 16 inch with loom extenders.   I love the loom extenders both because they give me the length I need to weave a very long strip and because I can see much of the piece while weaving it.