My Workshop Results

We had a follow-up workshop with Lisa and Nancy.  Thought you might want to see what Lisa produced.

Amazing!  This is being woven using the shedding device.  The piece is as wide as one can get on the 12 inch loom.  It is woven using Delicas and the standard Mirrix heddles.  It’s perfect.

And then there is Franc again who once again decided to take up weaving.  This time he’s working on the ipod kit. Or maybe he’s destroying it, but we won’t tell him that.

Then he discovered the mini mirrix but there was no warp on it, so he didn’t get much weaving done.

February Mirrix Workshop: bead weaving

Lit a fire in the wood stove.  Placed a table in front of the wood stove.  Ready to teach a workshop on bead weaving on the Mirrix Loom.

 That’s Lisa on the left and Nancy on the right.  Lisa warped the entire width of her twelve inch loom.  Her pattern was a persian rug design.  Nancy put on about twenty five warps to weave a bead soup bracelet (a variety of Delicas).  Both were using the shedding device.  (See instruction blog for new way of putting on heddles for bead weaving.)
Note the big smile on Lisa’s face. Nancy is smiling too, although you can’t see her face in the bottom picture.  She was thrilled with her piece.
They are coming back in a couple of weeks.  Maybe next time I’ll get some shots of Nancy’s beautiful face too!  In the back there, sort of behind Lisa, is my actual studio, although it has spread out quite a bit.
Below is Lisa’s “happy dance,” having just survived putting on the last heddle.  Next, she had to weave in that first long row.  That took a while. We encountered a few problems, fixed them, looked at the clock and went into a slight panic because they had to leave at four.  I have never so much wanted a workshop to not end and I especially wanted Lisa to get in a fewmore  rows. Nancy was just humming along with her piece, happy as can be.  Maybe that’s why I never got a photo of her face because she just wouldn’t look up from her weaving.

And every post really should end with a picture of Franc the cat who made himself present and known the entire time.