My Workshop Results

We had a follow-up workshop with Lisa and Nancy.  Thought you might want to see what Lisa produced.

Amazing!  This is being woven using the shedding device.  The piece is as wide as one can get on the 12 inch loom.  It is woven using Delicas and the standard Mirrix heddles.  It’s perfect.

And then there is Franc again who once again decided to take up weaving.  This time he’s working on the ipod kit. Or maybe he’s destroying it, but we won’t tell him that.

Then he discovered the mini mirrix but there was no warp on it, so he didn’t get much weaving done.


2 thoughts on “My Workshop Results

  1. Beautiful work! Beautiful cat!

    I'm just learning to loom on a Mirrix. Can you explain the purpose of the sheet of foam wrapped around the bottom rail of Lisa's Persian rug design? Clearly it's to protect the beads, but is this something one should always do? If not, in what circumstances should one wrap the bottom rail with a sheet of foam?

    Jan Morrissey

  2. Franc is beautiful – looks like a Maincoon cat. Amazing creatures. My first rescue some 20 years ago turned out to be a Maincoon. They are fabulous companions who will be playful well into old age.

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