Some Things I’ve Made

My house is filled with things I’ve made on the loom over the years but for some reason I’ve not photographed a lot of those pieces.  I took a little walk around the house and picked out a few tapestry pieces to share with you.  It’s good stuff for those just embarking on the amazing journey of tapestry since these pieces are simple in their design.  I had fun with the colors (some use hand-dyed wool) and with the concept of straight lines or geometrical shapes. Let me show you.

This was my first totally symmetrical tapestry.  In order to guarantee that it would turn out symmetrical, rather than just eye-ball it as I went along, I cut all the color yarns to be exactly the same length.  It worked.  I used rug yarn that I bought at Halcyon.
I didn’t want the lines of this piece to be straight.  The yarn is rug yarn that I dyed.  I was pleased that the selvedges were so straight.  That is always the hard part but by then I finally owned a Mirrix and getting those selvedges straight was a lot easier than it had been in the past.  Also, both this piece and the one above are woven on a linen warp.  Linen gives your piece amazing body and because the warp on the Mirrix is continuous (ie., you don’t have to tie pairs of threads) the linen will go on perfectly evenly.  So I suggest to those of you who have avoided linen because it is so hard to get all the pairs tied to the same tension, give it a go on your Mirrix.  It’s wonderful.
Another piece woven on a linen warp. I used the same trick as with the first piece.  However, this was hand-dyed wool.  Problem was, this piece sat in sunlight for a few years and the hand-dyed wool got a little blotchy.  I still enjoy using it.
Front and back of small tapestry purse.  This was woven from a Mirrix tapestry kit from a while back.  It uses only slit tapestry and the slits are sewn with beads.  The strap is attached with beads as well.  I plan to revive a similar kit as soon as the yarn arrives.

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