Inkle Weaving on the Mirrix: Sort of

I warped up the Mirrix with perle cotton.  I don’t recall what the weight is (can’t recall what the weights of perle cotton are period and don’t want to take time to look them up . . . you can though!).  Wasn’t very thick.  I used a 22 dent spring.  (My next experiment will leave the spring out completely just as there is no spring on an inkle loom because the warps are meant to lie next to one another and the spring creates a slight separation.)  The idea was to create an inkle band.  Actually, originally I put two sets of warps on the loom.  The second one experienced so much experimentation that it finally accidentally got cut and was removed from the loom.  Let me show you a picture of the remaining warp and explain what I ended up doing with it.

See the bands of color in the warp?  See that the piece did not turn out weft-faced they way an inkle band should be.  What happened?  Again, the spring at the top was not a great idea.  Also, I used a novelty yarn which was too thick.  However, I LOVED the result.  Let me show you another picture of it.
There are vertical stripes and horizontal stripes.  It’s actually more of an even weave.  I will put the correct warp on the loom and weave with the correct weft to get a genuine inkle band, but for now I am having so much fun experimenting with the concept of both warp and weft showing.  The way you beat down the weft is by using an inkle shuttle.  This is a small shuttle with a sharp edge on one side.  As you are passing through your weft you pause first to beat down the previous weft with you shuttle.  You do this after you’ve changed the shed.  Then you pull your shuttle through and change the shed.  I am thinking my next experiment will be with a wider piece.  Maybe three or four inches wide.  And I am thinking that this piece could fold up beautifully into an ipod or cellphone purse and take very little time to weave but be rather gorgeous.  Final picture of piece close-up follows:
What am I going to use it for?  I had used the perle cotton to crochet a purse.  I am going to use this for the sides and the handle.  Will post final creation once it’s finally created!
Just remember:  You can weave just about anything on a Mirrix!



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