The tapestry project continues Using THE TREADLE

I am weaving away, finding that I am engaging the shedding device handle in one direction as the shapes get smaller and just picking the threads by hand for the other because I can’t be bothered to reach up and change the shed.  I am one of those weavers who builds up small shapes at a time when I can.  Others weave all the way across the fell line.  For that second type, changing the shed doesn’t happen nearly as frequently as those of us who weave up small shapes.  So finally I get it.  Claudia, maybe time to hook up the treadle?  Isn’t that why you had the thing designed and manufactured in the first place?  What is the big deal girl?

So I steal the treadle off the 32 inch loom that is getting dusty on a stand and hook it onto the 22 inch which is sitting on a cluttered table.  The whole process to hook on the treadle takes about a minute.  So what the heck was I waiting for?

Suddenly, my weaving is at warp speed.  Okay, realistically, my speed is at least doubled and because the tapestry is starting to take shape, I am happy. Unfortunately, the light starts to fade and I don’t have a particularly good light in that part of my studio and am too lazy to go get my ott light.  Hey, at least I got the treadle hooked up.

This is what I found this morning.  It is starting to take shape.  Below is a comparison to the previous tapestry.

Some profound Saturday morning conclusions.  I LOVE the TREADLE.  It’s magic.  I had been doing so much bead weaving that I had forgotten my love for tapestry and hence my love for tools that make tapestry weaving easier, like the treadle.  It’s really a great design.  It’s only fallback is that the cables do wear out over time in some cases but we include an extra pair in the box and if those wear out we’ll send you another pair for free.  So, really no down side.

You can either put each foot on one side of the treadle and rock it back and forth that way or you can use just one foot.  The treadle does not need a lot of pressure to work and it does pretty much stay in position so you don’t have to keep a heavy foot on it.  Just a light touch will do.

Now back to weaving!


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