Latest Tapestry

I have made some progress on the latest tapestry weaving.  Not has much as I would have liked.  My first revelation, as I shared, was putting on the treadle.  My next revelation was to take it off the table in my studio and put it in my bedroom on a stand.  Why?  The table height in my studio is off.  It’s too high and the chair I was using was actually a bench and I was doing some amazingly weird things with my back and my posture.  Besides, I caught some nasty bug and have been hanging out in my bedroom with my laptop. So I thought if I put the loom in the bedroom on a stand with the treadle I might be inspired to weave more.  It worked.

I happen to have a huge bedroom, which is good, so there was ample space for all this stuff.  My only fear is that I’ll run it all over in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom.  Turns out I have a habit of running into things. I thought it was just in the darkness (we have no street lights so when it’s dark here, it’s dark).  But yesterday (okay, I am getting to the photos . . . be patient) I was visiting the NH Institute of Art trying to get a teaching gig (which I did!) with Layna.  We are walking along headed for the copy machine (all the stuff you have to go through to teach there . . . you know name badge and parking permit, etc.) and suddenly this exhibit of student’s work on the wall catches my eye.  Each student had a big filled with a drawing of a room’s interior and then various samples like tile or carpet.  This one piece had as a sample a hand-hooked swatch of a rug.  Now there is nothing like that to catch the eye of a fiber addict.  So I am turning my head to the right and walking straight and the next thing you know, to Elena’s horror who was closely following me, I run right into a temporary wall.  The edge of it.  Glasses smash into my face and I am thinking: Please don’t let me be bleeding.

I wasn’t bleeding.  I was stunned though.  However, the only person who noticed was Elena so I pretended it didn’t happen although I was darn happy to get back to the car where I could assess the damage.  Glasses survived.  Bump over eye where glasses smashed.  Dizzy.  Elena drove home.  (I did a similar thing last summer involving trying to carry my incontinent dog outside in the middle of the night and in the dark.  I swung open the door and headed out but not before it has started to swing closed.  Hit the edge with my brand new glasses.  So much for those glasses.  They didn’t really survive.  And so much for my nose.  Big gash where the glasses hit and lots of black and blue.)

Okay, now for the pictures.  I will avoid interviews for teaching gigs in the future if I am sick.


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