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‘Bead Looming Confidential’
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I am putting together my notes, so I can include alot of my personal techniques and tips, about looming, (I have experienced, explored and tested). It will be exciting to share many new things about ‘Bead Looming’, and I will include all the information, from my personal journel titled, ‘Bead Looming Confidential’. You will notice additions and changes to this page, from time to time, because of this. We may ‘never find the end of the internet’, but can we find the end of ‘frustration over dealing with the warp strings’!

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3 thoughts on “A Place of Interest for You Bead Weavers

  1. Hi Claudia, thank you so much for sharing my website with everyone! I have been noticing quite a buzz about the Mirrix Loom, lately!

    They seem very sturdy and workable! In the photographs, I notice a bar, 'horizontally center' of the loom. Christine recently placed some photographs of her loom strung and underway, using this 'bar' to tie the warps. Is this bar able to be moved 'up or down', during the looming process? Is the top of a warp tied to one bar and the base of the warp tied to another, allowing independent movement of each warp end, up or down?

    There is an edging technique I have created which requests the movement of the warps. If this is the case with the Mirrix, I would be even more interested then I am today!

    I look forward to hearing much more! Thanks again!

  2. The warp is attached to that bar. First you tie to the bar, then you go around the loom and when you reach the bar, you do a U-turn and head back around the loom. The bar allows you to advance the weaving by rotating it to the back of the loom. You could tie individual threads to the bar and untie them as needed.

  3. This sounds very interesting to me, now. I don't want to 'tie individual' warps, but just loosen them as desired, and tighten again. Looking at the video, created by Chris, I think an extra bar would be what I could use to keep the bottom of the warps stable and only move the upper portion.

    Right now, I am immersed in getting my book together/published, between writing and looming, I am also doing a ton of talk, via emails, about strategies. I promise to buy one of your looms as soon as I can, (with an extra bar!) This could be helpful for another book, doubting I have time to include this idea in my present notes. Heck, I think a Mirrix is the only loom I do not own, via the web or custom designed!

    Thanks for your response! Gorgeous cuff, by the way!

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