Canoe adventure

We are back and I survived without any major damage to body parts.  Three days exploring white water on a river and one hike up a very steep mountain to view cliffs my husband imagines I would like to climb someday.

Claudia in a canoe

But the “best” photo is of me getting ready to do some white water.  Dig the get-up.  Maybe I can use it as a Halloween costume someday.  It’s scary enough.
Don’t you just love the color scheme?
And then there is the reason for that get-up:

So I am back and yes we did the above.  Four miles of it the first day.  The second day we did the worse part a couple of times and then went for a hike to calm Claudia’s nerves.  The last day we did eight miles of it with enough calm water breaks to keep me calm.  I thought I had done my adrenalin thing as a State Rep. but this, well, it’s different.  Ever try to spot rocks under the water (you can see them only because you can see what the water does around them) wearing tri-focals?  I think I need to break down and get a pair of distance glasses because it’s kind of hard to see when one third of the time you are looking through a reading lens.

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