The End of Summer

When you have kids in school and a husband who is a teacher, summer is a redundancy of excitement and let down.  It ends.  Routine resumes.  Although for me personally there is little difference between summer and the other seasons except the weather.  And the fact that my mind started to sink into that summer mode and I managed to put off lots of deadlines and then entirely forgot they existed.  I did this with my new gig at the NH Institute of Art.  I forgot to show up for the first faculty meeting, forgot to get my ID, forgot to log into my Institute email account and read the fifty emails that were waiting for me and forgot to deliver piece for faculty exhibit (it will get there today, a week late).  And I forgot, when agreeing to give a talk to the Bead Society of NH that I would be in Seattle that day, a far cry from Manchester, NH.  Let me see, what else did I allow to pass to the other side, the non-working side, of my brain?  Oh, forgot to deliver loom with weaving on it for an exhibit on Labor Day.

I am trying to remember today all those things I forgot.  I might even tackle that pile of bills.  Spent this morning changing my credit card for all automated payments because the only card I ever used was cancelled after twelve years because I paid it off every month and was reaping way too many miles and points.  I kid you not.  They just up and cancelled it and now all sorts of payments are forgetting to be paid.

You know summer is over when you drive seven hours to deliver your kid to college.  Ms. Joni (on left) accompanied Zach (on right) and me.  Despite the hugeness of Cornell, it was a pretty gentle experience.    They didn’t tow or ticket your car even if it was in a no parking zone which mine was quite frequently.

Returned just in time to utterly fail at our first attempt at a Webinar.  Gathered our wits about us, and simply filmed a video on how to weave that famous tapestry cuff.

Then I got really ambitious and started putting together the tapestry cuff bracelet kits.  Here is a sneak preview of one of those:

Waiting for beads to arrive . . . I hope today . . . so that I can finalize the kit and get it in the shopping cart.
New Webinar scheduled for Wednesday.  We will finish weaving the cuff, remove it from the loom and attach it to the brass base.  

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