New beaded cuff bracelet kit

Designing a new kit can be lots of fun. Or it can be pure torture. The second experience describes the grand time I had on Tuesday and Wednesday doing something I normally love to do: designing a new kit.

All I wanted to do was revise the colors for the current tapestry bead cuff. For one who loves color and normally finds it easy to work with, this should have been a fun task. However, my mind has been flooded lately with fiber. I have been dyeing silk in gorgeous autumn colors. Those colors are saturated and rich and really very different from the colors one finds in beads. So since my mind was filled with these colors plus traces of turquoise and maybe even a little black I thought I would translate that into a new beaded cuff kit.

What a complete failure. I did not take pictures of my failures. Suffice it to sat they were awful. Besides the inability to translate my fiber vision into beads was a secondary problem: my based stash was not adequate. I was trying to design from bead sample cards. It it is not possible because one cannot address the interplay of color. I was ready to get in my car and drive to Caravan beads to play in their show room. Eventually, I may have to head up there. Maybe even buy one tube of each color. Now that that would make designing a lot easier.

What i wound up doing? I scrapped my original idea completely. I kept some of the pastels, added a nice rich magenta and also added a lot of metallic green iris beads to accent the pastels. It worked. After two days of trial and error, I finally had a design and colors I loved. But the process was anything but fun.

What I learned. Color in fiber and beads is two very different stories. They don’t always translate well if at all. One has to make a huge shift to accommodate each one. I might get my rich reds and magnet as and blues and yellows and oranges in a beaded piece yet but it’s going to take more than two days of thought.

Now to wait for the beads and put together those new, now lovely, kits.


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