The Adorable Mini Mirrix!

I just received the ‘Mini Mirrix’. It is so cute! The looming table is appx. 2″ wide, so that will relate to about 36 beads wide. This also extends to a 7″ looming length, unless you want to turn your looming as you continue to loom. I’ll bet you could also add extensions, if you don’t want to turn your work, but that will have to be looked into.

It also comes with a warp bar, which is necessary to hold the warps. I opted for ‘two’ warps bars, in hopes to save thread and not have the warps running behind my looming, while I loom. I’ll have to give more thoughts on this, after I work, with the loom.

It would be a perfect size for cuffs, credit card cases, glass cases, or even a small change purse. I plan on working up some ‘earring’ patterns! Yes, I did say, “earrings on the loom”! I promise to share!


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