The Treadle

Lately, I’ve only been using the treadle when weaving on the Mirrix Loom (I have been using the 16, 22 and 32 inch looms).  Of course, silly me, I only have one treadle here so I have to keep moving it around.  Fortunately, the switch only takes a couple of minutes.  However, Layna would say:  that’s a couple of minutes you could be writing about the treadle in your blog.

I am writing this blog and eating a cheese sandwich which I am trying to keep away from the cat who loves to eat anything I am eating.   My treadle is currently attached to loom with a tapestry/bead weaving on it.  And that’s the surprising thing.  Well, not really surprising.  You just have to think about it for a few seconds to realize how logical it is that using the treadle for a thin piece is even more logical than using it for a wider piece.  Why?  Because with a thin piece you are constantly changing the shed.  With a wider piece, if you are sticking to the fell line (weaving a straight line of different threads versus building up individual shapes) you change the shed, weave in all your wefts, change the shed again.  It might be many seconds before you change the shed again.  But when you are weaving a thin piece you are changing the shed every few seconds. Obviously, this adds quite a bit of time to the weaving process.  This might not matter to you.  When I am trying to pound out a bunch of tapestry/bead cuffs it does matter to me.  Also, it is less tiring to simply step on one side of the treadle since there is little movement and you barely have to touch it to make change the shed.

Another situation where the treadle is perfect is when you are building up individual shapes.  I do this a lot.  For example, if you are weaving triangle and you have decided to weave the triangle before you weave the space around the triangle.  You will be changing the shed constantly in a short period of time.  The treadle makes quick work of it, if anything in tapestry can be quick work.

I have re-fallen in love with the treadle.  I’ve always loved it.  It was the first thing we designed after designing the loom because in a way it was why we designed the loom.  I wanted a portable loom that could accommodate a treadle (and a stand, but I wanted the treadle more!).

Kathe Todd-Hooker inspired me to be re-inspired about the treadle.  She fell in love with it.  So I dusted mine off and hooked it up and said to myself:  What gives girl?  Why aren’t you always using it?

I think the answer was almost as simple as:  complete laziness or I forgot to put it on or it’s in the other room and I don’t want to get it . . . great excuses like that.  Come on Claudia!

So I will be asking manufacturing to send me a few of these treadles so I can just hook one up to the three looms I am using and not find an excuse not to use it.  I have a bunch of cuffs I have to weave.


There she is!


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