Social Market for a Mirrix

The weaving of Dragon Lake, Siberia is coming along and youre starting to see a little more of the lake and tributaries being defined now. I do have a spot on the bottom right corner thats bothering me a bit but Im confident Ill be able to resolve that issue once the weaving is cut off the loom. The warp interlock technique is definitely giving me the jagged areas of color that I was looking for so Im happy with that.

Theres been no rest for the wicked this week as Im getting a few minutes in the studio each evening and thats about it. I have to admit I cant wait for the holidays to be over so life will get back to normal and Ill have more time to spend in the studio. Fortunately, for me life starts to get back on schedule the week between Christmas and New Years. I have a stack of land sat photos waiting, as well as a number of deadlines looming, so Im anxious to finish this one and start the next.

Just a quick reminder that Sunday, 12/19/10 is the last day to order a loom if you want it to arrive in time for Christmas.


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