Social Market for a Mirrix

Remember the sampler I did earlier in January? Well, it’s migrated from the collage elements pile to a collage. One more UFO down. I mounted the weaving on a canvas board that had been collaged with rice paper and a scrap of gold fabric, then embellished with a piece of repurposed jewelry.

I wanted to show these pieces so you’ll know the weavings that come off the loom that might be considered “failures” can still be used. Maybe not in the way you had originally envisioned, but still, not a complete loss. I have piles of “failed” experiments in my studio but most of these pieces will eventually find a home in a collage, an assemblage, or on a collagraph plate for printmaking. And just remember “one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure”. If you attend a class or workshop, you’ll be amazed what other artists might want to trade for from your stash.

The weaving on the loom is progressing slowly. Normally I would be obsessing over the fact that my edges aren’t straight but I’ll be able to correct a lot of sins once it’s off the loom. And since this one will also be part of a collage, I’m not too concerned at this point.

Free Bead Patterns

We are starting a new program at Mirrix.  We will be giving away one bead pattern on our site for a six week period before that pattern is put into our store for sale.  The first pattern we will upload within next couple of days is, of course, a heart.  Below is the original drawing.  The blog will not let me upload the pattern so you are just going to have to wait to see that when we put it on the site.  Meanwhile, I am literally going back to the drawing board to plan the next pattern.

Oh and also to set up my loom with a silk multi-colored warp closely set so that the warp threads show.  Haven’t figured out what I will use for weft.  Plan to turn this weaving into a series of cuff bracelets that will be decidedly not tapestry.  I will take pictures as I go and post tomorrow.

Original Drawing

A loomed Needle Case!

This can be a very simple pattern to loom. It is quick and enjoyable!

I like to use a wine cork, to secure my scissors from damage. To make this a complete set, I am thinking about beading around the cork! If I do, I’ll be sure to share the set.

Social Market for a Mirrix

“Sushi” 2011
Okay, this piece is finally finished. I just couldn’t get happy with the yellow beads. I’m not a huge fan of yellow so it’s a difficult color for me to work with. Does anyone else have that problem with certain colors?

I wrapped the chopsticks with the same silk yarn I used in the weaving, then bundled the 3 chopsticks with an assortment of fancy black yarns, letting the excess yarn hang down. I finished the bundle off with the addition of a Swarovski crystal component. I then mounted the weaving on a canvas board that has been collaged with handmade paper and sprayed with iridescent watercolor. Now it feels finished. Finally something has moved from the UFO (unfinished object) pile to the completed pile.

The weaving on the loom is progressing slowly. I’m making adjustments to the design as I go along because some areas just need to be tweaked. They look okay on the cartoon but once the sections are woven with the darker yarns, some minor adjustments have to be made to balance the colors and to control where the slits occur.

For anyone who might be interested in entering, the Handweavers Guild of America is sponsoring “Small Expressions”, an annual international juried exhibition. The deadline is March 7, 2011. Details and entry form can be found here.

Golden Beaded Cuff

dThe price of gold keeps climbing up.  A gold bracelet . . . even a scrawny one . .  will set you back a hug chunk of, well, gold.  Which makes these gorgeous beads with their gold-plated finishes seem like a real bargain.  Those beads can go a long way and mixed with other beads with gold hues or those fabulous permanent galvanized finishes can go even further to realize your golden dreams.

These delightful beaded cuffs will satisfy any need you might have to drench your wrists in gold.  And because these loom woven pieces are attached to a brass cuff, finishing the warp ends is simple and fast.  Just tie pairs of warp threads in over-hand knots and tuck them to the back of your piece before attaching to the brass cuff.

I am doing some counting and figuring to come up with the correct bead formula for our next kit:  the Golden Beaded Cuff in Delicas size 10 and Seed beads in size 8.  Look for it in a couple of weeks in our store.

Zendoodle and colored pencil land

Spent the morning in zendoodle land and finished one I had been working on for a few days:

Close up of same zendoodle:

Now back to the loom where I am designing our latest bead bracelet kit.  This one will be made of gold finish beads in size ten delicas and size 8/0 seed beads in a mixture of gold finish beads permanent galvanized beads.  It will be a bead cuff.  Trying to figure out the correct proportions.