Social Market for a Mirrix

“Sushi” 2011
Okay, this piece is finally finished. I just couldn’t get happy with the yellow beads. I’m not a huge fan of yellow so it’s a difficult color for me to work with. Does anyone else have that problem with certain colors?

I wrapped the chopsticks with the same silk yarn I used in the weaving, then bundled the 3 chopsticks with an assortment of fancy black yarns, letting the excess yarn hang down. I finished the bundle off with the addition of a Swarovski crystal component. I then mounted the weaving on a canvas board that has been collaged with handmade paper and sprayed with iridescent watercolor. Now it feels finished. Finally something has moved from the UFO (unfinished object) pile to the completed pile.

The weaving on the loom is progressing slowly. I’m making adjustments to the design as I go along because some areas just need to be tweaked. They look okay on the cartoon but once the sections are woven with the darker yarns, some minor adjustments have to be made to balance the colors and to control where the slits occur.

For anyone who might be interested in entering, the Handweavers Guild of America is sponsoring “Small Expressions”, an annual international juried exhibition. The deadline is March 7, 2011. Details and entry form can be found here.


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