Inkle weaving on the MIrrix Loom

I took the silk that we use for the tapestry cuffs and used it as warp on the Mirrix.  I set it at 14 ends per inch, which was too wide, so I kind of crunched the threads together on the top beam and cranked up the tension to keep it in place.  I used as weft railroad novelty yarn.  The piece on the loom doesn’t look that special because there appears to be a lot of space between the weft threads.  However, once off the loom the silk will shrink and the weft will come together making a much denser material.  I will then cut it into pieces and make them into cuff bracelets using beads to attach the weaving and the ultra-suede.

I just came back from snow shoeing.  Should have had Rick take a picture.  My face is red.


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