Guest Blogging: A Trip to Whidbey

Guest by Elena Zuyok, Mirrix’s Marketing Director

Today, on a rainy Saturday morning in Seattle, my husband and I went to visit a Mirrix customer and one of our newest Mirrix retailers, Windwalker Taibi (our current featured artist on the Mirrix site) and his partner Mary Jo. Windwalker and Mary Jo own Raven Rock Gallery on Whidbey Island in Washington.

At Raven Rock Gallery with some of Windwalker’s purses (made on a Mirrix).

The gallery is beautiful and the art and atmosphere make it a place you really don’t want to leave. It is located at Greenbank Farm with two other galleries, a wine store and a cafe (if you like mussels, jump on a plane, ferry or get in your car right now and go there). 
I can’t think of a better day-trip destination, Seattleites. 
Some of Windwalkers purses (these are made with his handspun yarn).

I love the way they display their art. 

Is that a Mirrix he’s weaving on?

What a great way to show people what tapestry is all about! 
A beautiful beach-themed tapestry.

Love this!

We were looking at another camera, but that’s (from left to right) Elena (me), Mary Jo and Windwalker.

It was a lovely trip and we hope many collaborations are on the horizon. 
Please take some time to visit the Raven Rock Studio website:


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