Inkle weave cuff on the Mirrix Loom

The loom loomed on my table for weeks and I hadn’t finished the piece that was on it.  I had warped the loom with hand-dyed silk.  My concept was to create a warp-faced weaving to make into a cuff, which I’ve done before.  However, the past attempt used perle cotton as warp and I wanted to translate that into the gorgeous hand-dyed silk we use for our tapestry/bead cuff kits.  I wasn’t thinking so I just threw the warp on the loom using the spring that was on it, a 14 dent spring..  I should have used either a 20 or 22 dent spring.  I thought I could just fake it by pulling the warps closer together while weaving.  My loom had another opinion.  The sides of the weaving were spreading out while the center was as it should be.  This makes sense for variety of reasons . . . the side warps would drift while the center warps are sandwiched in the middle and kept closer together.  Thinking this whole project was going to be a complete flop, I left it on the loom.  And left it on the loom.  And left it on the loom . . . until yesterday.

This has been the week of finishing things.  Last week was the week of looking at things I should finish and feeling guilty about not doing so (especially the ones begun with a blog and never completed).  The week before that was the week of beginning things I planned to finish last week.  Well, you get the picture.  I have a hard time moving forward with projects when others are waiting for completion.  So I either have to destroy them or finish them, but they just can’t sit on my table and stare at me from across the room.  Okay, I know they are not alive, but they sure all seem to have eyes.

So yesterday I took the loom with the silk mess on it, put it on a wicker coffee table in my office, stoked up a netflix movie on the big iMac, turned it so I could actually see it and began to finish this weaving.  I wove really quickly because I figured I wouldn’t use or keep the final result.  Half an hour later (yeah, this is fast to weave) I had another foot and a half woven and it was time to take it off the loom.  Shockingly, even though the sides were looser than the middle, it didn’t seem to matter.  After all, the plan was to sew those edges to the ultra-suede with the brass cuff sandwiched in between and it could very possibly be disguised with beads.

Hate to make this a cliff hanger by showing you only the on-loom and off-loom photos but not the one of the cuff.  Yesterday, my studio was filled with sun and taking pictures was easy.  Today, it is snowing and grey and no matter how hard I try I can’t get good pictures.  The cuff itself is almost done and I love it.  I need to sew on some more beads along the edge, but I would say I have about five minutes left before completion.  I have a second piece glued to the cuff ready to sew on.  So by tomorrow I should have both completed and if there is sun I will photograph them and show them to you.  Meanwhile, this is the back story in pictures:


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