2011 Association of NW Weavers’ Guilds Conference

After a wee bit of a mix up (our application was sent to the past president whose address is on the application but who does not necessarily forward the mail she receives to the current president) we have now bought ourselves a booth at the Northwest Weavers’ Guild event from May 30 until June 5.  We will be there Friday and Saturday (3rd and 4th).  We means Elena and Claudia and the Mirrix family of looms.  We might not have all sizes, but if we don’t have what you want we will ship within the contiguous U.S. for free if you order at the Conference.  We will have looms set up for a variety of weavings from tapestry to bead to tapestry/bead combined to warp-faced.  We will happily answer any of your Mirrix questions as well as demonstrate how to warp and weave on the loom.  It’s the first of many shows Claudia and Elena will be doing together.  So come join us.  If you are not attending the event, come anyway because it’s free to get into the Vendor hall.  Oh, and you might want to know where it is!  Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.  I think that’s about an hour from Portland.



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