Kiya and Kiowa: mustang rescue

For once, I brought my camera.  What follows are pictures of the two horses that will be living at my house in the spring.  My neighbor, Lisa, is rescuing these two beautiful mustangs.  Once she gets up the correct structures, the horses (along with our two horses) will be living at both places.
The grey Mustang is called Kiya.  She was on a truck bound for slaughter when some lady up in Maine removed her from the truck and rescued her.  Kiya ended up at the same place as Kiowa.  I will get to that in a second.  Kiowa, the dark brown mustang was living (I am not sure where) with three other horses.  They were all fine.  She was totally neglected.  Her coat was completed caked with two years of mud and her skin was infected.  She was bone thin.  Her hooves had grown into a pancake shape.  She also ended up at this wonderful place:
Both horses are in training.  Because they are Mustangs, and don’t come with a lot of negative human induced baggage, it will go pretty quickly.  Both horses are sweet and gentle.  We are lucky to bask in their gentleness.
Please check out the above the website.  These folks do amazing things with these wonderful Mustangs. Their training is kind and compassionate and puts the horse first.  Gone are the nasty days of hurting horses in order to “make them behave.”  These horses just want to be respected and love.
I will be invited back when it’s warmer to help give Kiowa a badly needed bath. She still has a bunch of matts, but at least she’s not covered with them.  Still, they can’t feel very good.  Her mane needs a good washing and combing, but it is so gorgeous.  

More Kiowa

Chris (the trainer) and Kiya

Claudia and Kiya

Claudia and Kiya

Claudia and Kiowa

Chris working with Kiya

Kiya’s beautiful face

Is that one beautiful face or what:  Kiowa

Kiya wondering when she can stop training

Kiowa rolling

Kiowa going down for her second roll


2 thoughts on “Kiya and Kiowa: mustang rescue

  1. Oh, Claudia they are just beautiful!! I have never understood humans mistreating animals of any time. Bless you all for changing the course of these lovely horses lives!!!

    Oh ya, BTW I was working the opening at the SAC Gallery and recognized your work right off. The metalic loomworked necklaces are gorgeous!!

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