Inspiration at Cornell

Spent the weekend at Cornell visiting Zach, my son.  Managed to remember to have my camera on hand.  Even remembered to use it a few times.

An Eagle . . . I don’t know exactly which Eagle.  I do know that he just sat on that branch even as we got closer and closer.  Finally, we were about five feet away.  At that point he turned his back on us.  Guess he wasn’t too afraid!  He was so beautiful.  What a gift.  He lives on the Cornell “plantations”.  I expect there is no hunting there so the wildlife feels pretty safe.

Frank Lloyd Wright . . . but who really made it?

Forget who this is . . . but I love it.  

I did manage to capture some of the amazing colors in this even though it was behind glass.

Name the artist who painted this and we’ll give you a10% discount off your next Mirrix order.

Love the shape of this.

Can’t you just see that woven?

Took a little tour of the campus art gallery.  She was our favorite.  Her back story:  take a real model and put some kind of material over her in sections. Once it stiffens, remove.  Then piece it altogether to make a mold.  Then fill with some kind of polymer.  Add hair and other details.  The hair was sewn in one strand at a time. It must be weird to know your exact likeness is sitting in a chair being stared at by the likes of us.  
She really does look real.  Eye balls are glass and when you are close to her you feel like she’s going to slap you because you are staring at her.

And finally a nice meal at the Moosewood Restaurant with Zach!

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