Can’t always be weaving

Yesterday I worked on a small purse and bracelet tapestry/bead weaving for quite a while.  Maia, always there to help, watched me from behind the loom the entire time.  She has become my weaving cat.  Butter, on the other hand, prefers to sit on the top of my computer chair.  Guess he’s more high-tech.  But he does love to play with just about everything on my work table especially bobbins of thread.  Nothing is more exciting to him then those.

Maia working hard to make sure I don’t make a mistake.

Butter working hard to make sure I write my blog.

This morning I decided to finish a project I had started two months ago.  My brother had bought my son, Zach, a soap stone bear.  Zach, who also carves soap stone among other things, loved that bear.  One day I went into his room to discover the bear in two pieces.  Someone had knocked him down.  I immediately felt guilty, because the bear had been living in my studio while Zach was in school.  He had asked me to keep the bear there for safe keeping.  Maybe he knew this would happen.  But last summer since Zach was home for the entire summer playing farmer, I put bear in his room.  I bought glue and kept trying to pester Zach to fix bear with me.  He never did.  So after he returned to school after Christmas break I bravely attacked the problem myself without any skill sets or large clamps.  Instead of clamps, I used yarn, of course.  I tied that poor bear up and left him for two months to heal.  Today, finally, I remembered to take off his bonds and believe it or not the glue job worked the arm was flush to the body.  However, there were globs of glue and bear looked awful.  Three hours later and a bunch of sand paper and polishing thinga-ma-gings that go on the dremel later, bear is looking pretty darn good.  A lot better than I had expected.  He is dancing again.  Say hi to Zach’s fixed bear.  And you thought I could only weave!  The thing is I could have stood there all day polishing this guy.  And of course it made me want to grab a piece of soap stone and carve it . . .which I am desperately trying to not do.


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