Ultra Suede for Headband Backs

Even as I get older and getting packages is more and more common I still get giddy when I see a package in the mailbox or when we get that standard apartment-building “we have a package downstairs for you” email. The past few times I got giddy about packages they ended up being priority mail boxes. Like, not Priority Mail Boxes filled with anything interesting, just the boxes. Not very exciting.

Yesterday, though, a package from Mirrix (the East one) arrived (in a Priority Mail box, but a full one!) and it was filled with ultra suede to back the headbands with and some other goodies (C-Lon, needles, beads). 
If you haven’t used Ultra Suede before, it’s really neat stuff. I have some cuff bracelets lined with it and it’s so soft and durable. Love it! Perfect for a project such as this. 
More soon… need to finish the weaving of the headband so I can get a bead piece that’s in my head started. Clearly, I need more looms…
Package time!

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