Waxing Philosophical

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I am sitting in Starbucks working while my husband plays a soccer game. It is my third time at a cafe today. I assume this is a necessary step in becoming a Seattlite. 

I am sitting here with my iPhone to my left (showing my too-long to-do list) while I type on my iPad. I juggle electronics like a pro. and am on a computer so much I’m developing severe back problems at age 26. I’m more attached to my gadgets now then ever before, but that’s not to say I haven’t spent a good deal of my life in front of one screen or another (computer screen… I thank my parents for my relative disinterest in television over the course of my life). 

I am over-gadgeted. We are all, mostly, over-gadgeted. (Especially my generation and younger.) We are all, it seems, addicted to the connectivity and we seem to have lost the urge for tangible entertainment. We play physical board games less and less (replaced by computers, game consoles), we write on paper less and less (and type instead) and some of us have even replaced the joys of opening that old cookbook to the sauce-stained page of our favorite recipes with easy to navigate cooking blogs. Electronics have effected every piece of our lives.

This is why, in my old(er) age I’ve come to appreciate weaving and I do more and more as time moves on. It allows me to see true colors, to feel something under my fingers that isn’t a keyboard. It brings me to a totally different place where there aren’t seven tabs open in Chrome and the sound of emails received is distant. It is a piece of a former world and it brings me back down to earth on days when that’s exactly what I need.

Ready to be cut off the loom!


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