Taking Scissors to It

There’s nothing like the sense of joy and nervousness of cutting a piece off the loom. It’s easy, though and I will go through the steps here, using my headband as an example.

First, cut the warp, making sure to leave plenty of warp to tie off your ends. At least four inches.

Second, cut the other end. 
Third, straighten out your warps and tie them together in pairs (a half hitch). This ensures that the weft will stay securely in the weaving. Always weave a header (and a footer) to leave yourself some room in case something does happen and for finishing purposes. 

Fourth, tie overhand knots to secure the warps. Weight your piece on the opposite end and use your needle to make overhand knots. (Do this to both ends.)
Fifth, trim the ends on the back of your piece. 

Here is the untrimmed piece over my blank headband. I can’t wait to finish it!


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