Almost done!

After I cut my woven piece off the loom I was pretty much excited to get that baby on a headband. I used glue to make sure all my ends were tidy and facing inwards (a smart person would have made sure their ends ended in the middle of the piece instead of the sides, but for some reason that gives me a sense of unevenness and I instead choose to deal with obnoxious ends) and sewed (and glued) in the bottom and top of the piece, making it the exact length of the headband (I wove to about 16 inches which was perfect for the headband I had (taking into account the parts I folded in). I decided to use the 1.5 inch headband instead of the 1 inch so the piece was almost too thin (in the middle where the headband gets thicker) but I made it work, somehow. (Thank goddesses for beadwork edges to make mistakes go bye-bye!) if I were to re-do this, I would make this piece two warps thicker (17 warps across using a 10 dpi spring… or about 1.75 inches across.)
After making the piece all nice and pretty (and while it was pretty much covered in glue) I placed it on the top of the headband, gluing it there. I then cut out my ultra suede 1.5 inches thick and 15.5 inches long and lightly glued it the underside of the headband (note… my ultra sude wasn’t long enough so I had to do this in two pieces. I just made sure it was even where it met so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable on my head. Didn’t even bother sewing it because I thought that might feel bumpy. Should be fine.) Then, I sewed. A lot. I was so excited to see the thing almost-finished, I couldn’t stop.
The next step is to cover up my sewing and edges with beads. Then, ready to wear! 
Sewing… the light was bad. 

This afternoon, with the Seattle rain in the background. 

A little color does a lot to brighten up what might be the coldest April on record here in Seattle.

2 thoughts on “Almost done!

  1. Help Elena,
    OMG!! I was weaving along with your hairband idea….now…could you PLEASE share how you made the weaving fit the wide part with beads? I think next time, I will wait 'til you have completely finished your project. The loom does make absolutely fabulous looking bands!!
    Thank you

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