Presenting: The Tapestry Toxo Headband


4 thoughts on “Presenting: The Tapestry Toxo Headband

  1. My grandmom's gen: “ooh-la-la”.
    My generation: righteous, man.
    Me in general now at 60: ooo uuuu, beautiful headband, girl. Nice work, too.

    I enjoyed reading about how you did it in this blog. Now to catch up with the next bloggers' blogs. Can't wait to read more of yours, and keep weaving and blogging, too.

    I do have a newbie question as I am considering buying a Mirrix. When I would be weaving with beads in tapestry for projects, would I be using a needle to hold the beads and carry that weft through the warp the same as the needle all loaded up with beads and onto the thread will become your shuttle for the beads and that serves as the weft? Otherwise, I cannot imagine how it works.

    Maybe I will have my question answered as I read more blog posts, but, that's what I am wondering about weaving with beads. Thanks. Love that headband, too.

  2. Thank you! Yes, that's exactly how it works. You just need the right size beads and the right spaced warp (a ten dent coil on a Mirrix and 8.0 seed beads works perfectly). These bead/fiber projects are so much fun!

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