New Cats

The local cat lady, this lovely woman Julie who rescues all the abandoned cats around here and finds homes for them, asked me to foster two of her cats, each a year old.  They were kittens she was sure she would find adopted homes for but that didn’t happen.  Not for any fault of hers or theirs.  She needed them out of her house so her husband could paint their room (the guest room) to be used for soon to arrive guests.  She wanted me to take the cats for a couple of weeks.  Sure, why not?

I had been eyeing these guys already. Their picture was posted on the bulletin board at the post office.  They were in a ball together.  I never called her.  I was resisting.  But I knew.  Yeah I knew.

And then I hooked Julie up with my friend Pam.  Pam was looking to adopt two male kittens.  She was hoping for part Maine Coon.  I showed her some kittens Julie had that were coming up for adoption.  We ended up visiting the kittens.  Tomorrow these two adorable boy kittens are going home with her.  And yes I think these little guys are part Maine Coon.

They define adorable and Pam will be the best Mom.
Okay, but what about the cats that I will be fostering.  Sorry, no picture.  I did meet them today but I forgot to bring my camera.  They were a little shy around me since they haven’t known many people other than Julie who has spent a ton of time with them.  Bear is grey.  He’s gorgeous.  He has double paws and he’s a big guy.  Noodle, who actually is his cousin although they’ve been together since they were tiny, is butterscotch color like Butter, also fairly large with enormous paws.  They are sweet and they are beautiful.
I promise to take photos once they arrive and when they let me.
Oh, and this “foster thing.”  Yeah right.  Do you really think I am going to be able to give them back.? And that’s the rub.  Foster means adopt.  So yes tomorrow I am adopting two beautiful year old male cats.  They need homes.  I have a home.  Life is good.


3 thoughts on “New Cats

  1. Some people can foster kittens all the time. I don't know how they do it. The last time I fostered was 10 years ago and, of course, we still have our kitten. Then there were the two hungry 1 year old ferals that turned up last summer, that we were going to socialize and find good homes for. They found an excellent home, right here. Good for you for adopting rescue kitties into your home! I'm sure you will bring each other much love and joy.

  2. Yeah, the kittens (they are eight months old, so more like teenagers) are here to stay. Took a while for them to adjust. They missed their human Mom a lot. But this house is large and they have plenty of crazy space to fill with their antics. They make more noise than cats who have lived here before. Their home base is the master bedroom for now (they needed a safe smaller space) although the door is open so they come and go as they please. Night time is their play time. I wake to cats flying over the bed as if attached to wings. It's hilarious. Can't wait until I can freely pick them up and cuddle them for long periods of time. For now, I do get to pat their tummies and scratch their heads. And the other two cats . . . Maia and Butter . . . they are adapting to their siblings quite well.

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