Easy Weaving

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. I have decided to re-start my split-loom bracelet using new beads in different spring colors. I will post here as the piece progresses.

I wanted to write here tonight to talk about ease of use regarding Mirrix Looms.

Weaving is an art. No one begins as an expert. That said, you can be successful on your very first project on a Mirrix.

A Mirrix Loom is built to make weaving as easy and as fast as possible. They are strong, with great tension, a fantastic shedding device and great accessories meant to make your weaving experience better.

Plus, we are here for you! Have a problem? Just ask. We also have lots of resources online including videos and instructions.

My goal with this blog is to give you projects that a beginner can do and be successful doing. With a Mirrix, anyone really can be an artist.

One of my favorite projects that is so beautiful and so beginner-friendly is the tapestry cuff bracelet. If you’re thinking of beginning to weave, this is such a fun project to start with and we even have a kit get you started.


Happy Weaving!

One thought on “Easy Weaving

  1. Saw this in the magazine and had to buy it so I could learn all about Mirrix. Now I just have to have one and can't wait. Here's hoping that my 61st birthday will come soon July 15th so I might just get one for that date. Lots of love, as that is what you have brought me with the blogs and looms I see. Thanks, Beth Castaneda-Weavolution follower as well.

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