Beadwork Magazine and beads, baubles and jewels

Just yesterday Elena asked me when the beads, baubles and jewels episode I was on would be available.  The answer was sitting in the mailbox, but I hadn’t checked the mail.  I did just now because I just received an email from someone who read my article in Beadwork on weaving a tapestry/bead cuff.  Oh, I thought, it must be available and maybe, just maybe, a copy is in my mailbox.  So I scurried up the driveway to discover that indeed there was a copy of Beadwork . . .

. . . lying right on top of the disc from beads,  baubles and jewels.  Pay dirt!

For your own copy of Beadwork, check out your local big book store or purchase online at:  I am going to see if I can get some copies to sell on our site.  Stay tuned.

As for beads, baubles and jewels . . .  check this out:  Scroll down to the 1410 series.  Then find out where you can see it.  I know that after it airs you can find it on this site.  Since I don’t have a television, I can’t really give you any more information than that.  

Now to watch it myself.  Egads.


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