Beaded Cuff Bracelet finished

As I promised, I finished the beaded cuff bracelet today.  Not so pleased with the results.  Pleased with the pattern itself and how it should have turned out, but because I made it too long (did not realize that the 3/4 inch cuff is five beads shorter than the one inch cuff (go figure!).  I did remove four three or four rows of beads, but it was still a couple of rows too long.  I wasn’t able to remove those rows because it was becoming a tangled mess.  The result is I did not stretch the piece on top of the cuff and it is bunched up i places.  Also, the interface between the ultra-suede and the bead piece at the ends is a little floppy and a tiny bit of thread shows.  These pieces really need to be perfect, and I could never sell this one although I could wear it and no one would notice the mistakes that to me are glaring.

There is no sun today (might as well be living in Seattle, where I hear there is sun today) so I had to use my ott light to take the picture.  Wasn’t bright enough.  But it’s going to be cloudy and rainy for four days so I will not have an opportunity to take a picture with real sunlight until Wednesday.

The bracelet, imperfect as it is:

See the ripples in the middle there .. . . really annoying.

Looks better at this angle although because of the light not a great picture.


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