Tapestry Pendents

On Thursday my husband won a drawing at Cole Gallery in Edmonds, WA and got this beautiful tree charm (pictured) by Jennifer Phillips. The necklace got me thinking about small-scale art and, in particular, small scale tapestry. It is something I have not done much experimentation with but it seems to be very in vogue lately (Especially with fantastic tapestry artists such as Kathe Todd-Hooker weaving small scale tapestries). 
It gave me an idea… woven pendents. Teeny tiny mini tapestries finished with beads and strung on silver or cord or leather. I talked to Claudia about this and she’s already started experimenting. The possibilities are endless and it would be a great project for beginners and experts alike. 
What do you think? 

3 thoughts on “Tapestry Pendents

  1. I think it's a great idea. A friend of mine makes woven pendants with copper wire, yarn and beads, and I was conjuring up an idea like this as well with just yarn and beads.

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