Solitary weaving, progress on beading and a weave-along

Mostly, I weave alone. This is partly because I don’t have anyone to weave with (I know, why have I not yet joined the tapestry group in my weavers’ guild? Time, I guess) and partly because I get a lot of therapeutic pleasure from weaving alone. It’s a time when I can concentrate just on weaving and being creative. That said, I like the idea of collaboration when it comes to weaving. It’s nice to be able to ask someone, “How do you like these colors together?” or “What size beads should I use?”

In that same spirit of collaboration, we’ve decided to host a virtual weave-along this summer. We’ll choose a project (I’ve asked on Facebook what you guys would like to weave… consensus so far is tapestry/bead cuff bracelet), get together supplies (we can sell you kits or you can get stuff together yourself) and we’ll check in each day (via email, Facebook, Ravelry…) or each couple days to report our progress, ask questions and go over problems. Claudia and I will “host” and lead the discussion and time tables. We’ll also go through the warping process with you, so this is a great time to get out that still-unwarped loom and get a project going. I have not set a timetable yet but I will give you time to order a loom if you need one before we start. Tentative mid-July start date?

Comment and email me to express interest and weigh in.

Progress on my split-bracelet… slowly, slowly… too much going on at once!


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