Introducing: The Mirrix Weave-Along

What? A Mirrix Looms Weave-Along
Start Date: July 23rd, 2011
Where? “A Word From Elena” blog, Mirrix Facebook Page, Mirrix Ravelry Page 
What are we weaving? A Tapestry Cuff Bracelet

What do you need? A Mirrix Loom, a ten dent spring (these do NOT come with the looms), warp, weft, beads, a cuff base, beading thread, glue (Or you can purchase our tapestry/bead cuff bracelet kit for 25% off if you’re taking part in the weave-along. Email for discount code. Cannot be combined with any other offers.) **Update, for those in the contiguous united states the last day to buy a kit and have it arrive in time for the start of the weave-along is July 18th** You’ll also need basic supplies like a pair of scissors and a needle. (That said, if you want to participate and want to do a slightly different project, we can certainly accomodate you, just let us know what you plan to do.) 
How does this work? From warping to finishing Claudia and I will walk you through the steps of completing this bracelet. Once a week we will all check-in on Facebook and via email thread, post pictures and discuss progress. Throughout the week questions and comments can be discussed via an email thread, comments on this blog, the Facebook page and our Ravelry page.

Please email to express your official interest and receive updates!

Let’s get weaving!


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