Weave-Along Update!

The Mirrix Looms Weave-Along is starting in just a few weeks! Learn the basics here

If you are participating please make sure you have the following:
-A Mirrix Loom (because of the use of the shedding device, we really do recommend using our looms)
-A Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet kit OR similar materials to those in the kit **Update, for those in the contiguous united states the last day to buy a kit and have it arrive in time for the start of the weave-along is July 18th**
-A ten-dent spring (this size spring does NOT come with loom)

This is how the weave-along will work.

*On Saturday, July 23rd I will send out a preliminary email going over the weave-along tentative schedule.
*On Sunday, July 24th we will begin weaving! We will send out an email (At about noon EDT and 9 in the morning PDT) going over what we want to accomplish for the week including tips and tricks. At that time, we will welcome comments on the blog (where we will repeat this information), on Facebook, on Ravelry and by email. As a member of the weave-along, we hope you will post on one of these forums at least once a week on Sunday to tell us your progress and ask questions or give some advice. We also encourage all participants to continue posting throughout the week. All forums will be closely monitored.
*Every Sunday after the weave-along begins we will send out another email discussing progress from the week before and plans for the week ahead and discuss progress online.

The weave-along will be over mid to late August. If participants fall behind, we will keep forums open after that period for weave-along related discussion.

We look forward to beginning and have been very happy with the great response to this project!

If you have not already signed up, please email elena@mirrixlooms.com to express your official interest and receive updates!


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