Weave-Along: Week Four, finishing the cuff!

We’re almost done! Follow these steps for finishing instructions. Remember to share pictures of your pieces, finished or almost-finished (no matter how far along you are!) on Facebook, Ravelry or via email!

1) Weave your tapestry until the inner section (excluding header and footer) is seven inches.  Yes, this is a tad more length than you need.  However, whenever I have gotten impatient and skimped on length, I have found my piece is just tiny bit short making finishing a nightmare.  So, better longer than shorter and better safe than sorry because there is nothing worse weaving wise to create a beautiful piece that cannot be finished because it’s too short.  

2) Cut your piece off the loom.  I cut as near to the bar as possible.  This is most important for the bottom warps as you need them to be at least four inches in length in order to easily tie overhand knots.  

3) Weight one end of piece with something heavy.  I’ve used my brass beater.  I have been known to use bricks, books . . . whatever is handy.  This allows you to tie the knots on the other end.  

4) Begin on one side of the piece by tying the first part of a half hitch knot. 

5) Pull half-hitch knot until it is flush with weaving.

6) Make an overhand knot. 

7) Insert a needle in knot. 

8) Tighten knot with needle inserted.  Push needle toward weaving.  This will tighten the knot but not allow it to tighten before you’ve reached the weaving.  

9) Tie all knots on that side.  Since you have thirteen warps you will need to make one of the knots three warps: one warp tied to two warps. 

10) Trim knots so they are about a quarter inches plus long. 

11) Trim tails on back of weaving so that they are about half an inch long. 

12) Size piece to metal cuff to decide hem placement.

13) Fold over end of piece to back of piece and sew with a whip stitch. 

14) Size piece again to determine second hem. 

15) Glue ultra suede to inside of cuff.  We use E6000 but any glue that bonds fabric to metal is fine.  You will be sewing the two lawyers together (the ultra suede and the tapestry) so this bond is not one that permanently holds the fabric to the cuff, but one that holds it in place while you sew up the edges. 

16) Trim the edges of the ultra suede so that you have about an eighth an inch on all sides.  Don’t worry if this is not perfect.  When you sew the edges to the weaving all errors will be covered up.  Do not over trim.  Er on the wide of too much, not too little, fabric.  While you are sewing you can trim a little more if need be.  As in every case with this piece, more is better.  Less can cause huge problems.

17)  Put glue on back of weaving.  Push the strands of yarn inward and try to calm them down with the glue.  This makes glueing this piece to the cuff much easier because those stray ends will not be poking out all over the place .

18) Glue tapestry to cuff.

19) Start at a corner of the cuff.  Pull your thread through the back of the tapestry to the front.  Then start whip stitching the ultra-sued and tapestry together.

20) Once you are finished sewing the two edges together you can add your beads!  Bury the end of a new thread inside the cuff.  Pick up three beads.  Whip stitch around the edge of the tapestry and the ultra-suede.  Continue around the whole piece until finished.  You can add more than three beads if you like.  The goal is to cover the stitching and to make the piece looked finished and beautiful.  However you get there is your own personal and lovely touch.

We are still sewing beads to our piece.  Will show you our finished product tomorrow.  

Hoping you all send us yours as well!


One thought on “Weave-Along: Week Four, finishing the cuff!

  1. Hi Claudia,

    These are the great directions. Unfortunately, mine was a bit short so I had to improvise. I like it anyway without the brass cuff and using a button closure. I've worn it several days in a row. I put it pictures on facebook.


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