Weave-Along #2 & #3

Due to the great success of our first weave-along, we’re planning not one but TWO more. The first will begin on September 25th. The second will begin on October 30th  November 13th  and will be a more in-depth and complex weave-along which is why we’re leaving a little more time for us to plan for it.

The October 30th  November 13th Weave-Along: 

This project will be a small woven purse OR a small beaded purse.

Beaded Purse 

You can purchase our beaded purse kit here: http://www.mirrixlooms.com/beadsthreadbeadkits.html

Tapestry Purse

Coming October 14th

Email elena@mirrixlooms.com to join the weave-along and for a 25% discount code on both kits for participants!

The September 25th Weave-Along: IN PROGRESS
We will weave either a black “elegant cuff” bracelet or a white “wedding cuff” bracelet. Kits, with real 24 k gold thread, are available for purchase, or use your own materials!
CLICK HERE to PURCHASE A KIT *email elena@mirrixlooms.com for a 25% discount code for participants!

This kit contains the following:

Brass cuff one inch wide
C-Lon Cord size 135
14k gold thread on a silk core, white silk thread
8/0 and 11/0 seed beads for weaving and embellishment


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