Mirrix for Moms

I’m not (yet) a mom (although since my wedding in August we’re beginning to talk about having children) but am at the age where friends are beginning to have kids. It got me thinking about the relationship between moms and Mirrix Looms, because Mirrix Looms were actually invented and designed by MY mom (when I was just a kid) who wanted a loom that was high-quality and portable… perfect for a mom on the go.

For now, Alex and I are busy with our new puppy, Sam. 

Mom was a stay-at-home mom and a professional tapestry weaver. Our living and dining rooms were both filled with enormous tapestry looms. Tapestry weaving was a great outlet for her creativity after hours and days filled with doing the same puzzle over and over again. She even got me weaving! (See picture below.)

Me, before Mirrix Looms existed. Look at the terrible tension on that loom!

There are many reasons why a Mirrix Loom is perfect for moms. First, they’re portable, but not by sacrificing quality. Second, they’re sturdy. Read: Accidentally drive over one with a mini van and it’s still OK sturdy. Third, weaving is a great medium for someone who has to start and stop a project frequently (pick up and start off wherever you stopped!). Fourth, when you buy a Mirrix you know you’re getting a professional-quality loom, even if you’re not a professional weaver. Fifth, in the coming month we’re working on starting a new Mirrix community: Mirrix for Moms. Via newsletters and online forums moms will be able to discuss life, babies and weaving all in one place. Come play, come be a Mirrix Mom.

With my mom on my wedding day. 
We’re still getting started on this project, but for now join our Ravelry group!


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