Weave-Along #2: Details and prizes!

The Mirrix Looms Weave-Along #2: The Elegant and Wedding Cuff Bracelets

The September 25th Weave-Along: Come weave with us! 

What’s a weave-along?
This weave-along is a FREE online course. Claudia Chase and Elena Zuyok of Mirrix Looms will lead participants through a project woven on a loom. Every Sunday participants will get an email going over what participants worked on week before and giving instructions and tips for the week ahead. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage with other members of the weave-along via email and social media sites. “A Word From Elena” blogMirrix Facebook Page, Mirrix Facebook GroupMirrix Ravelry Page. This is a community event! 

What are we weaving?
We are weaving a cuff bracelet that combines tapestry and beads. You have a choice to weave either a white “Wedding Bracelet”, a black “Elegant Bracelet” or a bracelet with materials of your own! These cuff bracelets were designed by Claudia Chase, President of Mirrix Looms. They are made using the Mirrix’s Looms shedding device on a loom warped for tapestry weaving. The beads fit perfectly between the warp threads, making the bracelet fast, easy and fun to weave! After it comes off the loom, the piece is secured to a brass cuff (that fits any wrist size!) and embellished with beads. It’s a fun project for anyone from beginners to expert weavers.
Why participate?
It will be fun and a great learning experience! Not only will you get step-by-step instructions in real time on how to do a great project, but you’ll be doing it with other people who you can bounce ideas off of and ask question to. 

PLUS we’ve partnered with OttLite, the premier crafting light company, and they have offered to give a fantastic prize to be given to one of the participants at the end of the weave-along. Note that you must be an active participant to qualify. Check back soon for more information on the prize! 

What materials do you need?
We provide kits for both the black (Elegant Cuff) and white (Wedding Cuff) bracelets. When you sign up for the weave-along (email elena@mirrixlooms.com) you will receive a 25% off code for these kits. 

If you have your own materials that are similar to these, feel free to use them. Or, if you just need some of the materials, many parts of the kit are available in our online store including the cuffs, silk, C-Lon and gold thread. 

The kits contain the following:

-Brass cuff one inch wide
-C-Lon Cord size 135
-14k gold thread on a silk core, white or black silk thread
-8/0 and 11/0 seed beads for weaving and embellishment

Other Materials:
-A Mirrix Loom
-A needle

What’s the schedule?
This weave-along is slated to begin on September 23rd. On that day we will send out an email and post a blog post about setting up your loom and go over the basic process and dos and don’ts to get your prepared. We will begin warping on Sunday, october 2nd. This gives everyone a little more time to get their kits in the mail. They should take about three days to send and are sent day-of. Please order as soon as possible!

Week One: October 2nd- October 8th
Loom set-up, Warping, weaving header

Week Two: October 9th- October 15th
Beginning weaving, adding beads, design techniques
Week Three: October 16th- October 23rd
Weaving techniques, tips and tricks 

Week Four: October 23rd- October 29th
Finishing weaving, cutting off the loom, finishing the cuff


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