New Tapestry Purse Kit

I’ve rethought the old version of the tapestry purse kit that we will be using for our next weave-along.  I wanted to come up with something that would both be great for a beginner weaver but not be at all boring.  One of the most difficult things to accomplish when weaving one’s first tapestry is getting the edges to not pull in.  Even with the great tension of the Mirrix Loom, you can still botch this one when you first start out.  And it is frustrating.  Another really frustrating error for the beginning tapestry weaver is to end up with unevenly spaced warp threads.  Usually, this manifests itself by having the warps in the middle of the piece closer together than the outside warps.  It’s hard to fix after the fact.

These errors happen for a reason, but even if you know the reason, if you are not experienced at tapestry, they can still happen.  They can even happen for experienced tapestry weavers sometimes when one is not paying attention.

The scenario where this won’t happen is when you are:  1) only weaving narrow areas of weft, and 2) weaving slit tapestry so that the space between the areas of weft can take up the slack and not put so much pressure on the outside edges.

One of the most interesting techniques to learn for tapestry is the art of weaving with opposing wefts so that you can cross into another color area and be in the right shed.  You will learn all this when we do the weave-along for this project, but for now you get to see a picture.


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