Dyeing! And the newly invented small purse kit

What can I say.  I have spent the last two days dyeing.  At first my husband was concerned when I said “I think I am going to dye today.”  He couldn’t see the “e”.  When he came home, there it was:  spread all over the kitchen.  Not soup in those pots.  No way.  Color.  Lots and lots of bubbling color.  Should be ready for tapestry/bead cuff kits in a day or so.  We will also be creating silk color refill kits.  See some of the results:

Hand-dyed mulbury silk ready to be put into cuff kits as well as refill cuff kits.

As I was weaving the new small purse kit for the next weave-along it struck that the purse was anything but small and it could take a really long time to weave it.  So I cut off and started a new one, as is my way.  This one is a couple inches less in width and hence will be less in height and we may all complete it in time for the holidays, which was one of the points.  I am having as much fun weaving this one as the first one, maybe more because I worked out a couple of glitches. It’s interesting that the colors in the purse (it’s wool, not silk) look surprisingly like the silk colors above.  I did not intend that.  So here is a sneak preview:

The small purse kit in the making.  Loving making this!!!



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