Weave-Along 2: Finishing Weaving

Finishing Weaving
Today we will finish weaving our cuffs.  I will weave and photograph a couple of inches of the elegant cuff.  The simple cuff is just more of the same of what has been done.  You will weave sections of silk and gold combined that are just shy of an inch divided by a single row of beads.  Once you have woven seven sections of fiber and six rows of beads you can weave a footer (just like the header . . . a few passes of warp thread) and then wait for next week for complete finishing of the piece.

Now for some pictures of the more complicated cuff.

The second row of gold beads

Adding silk thread after the row of gold beads

Adding a row of silk for pick and pick

Alternating the black for pick and pick

After some pick and pick combining the gold and silk

A few rows of combined gold and silk

Ending the silk thread

Just a few rows of gold.  Ah, how we love that gold thread!

Silk thread added.  Notice how the left (the end) is behind the side the warp.

It’s hard to tell, but we’ve added some gold thread for pick and pick.

Pick and pick.

Gold and silk thread combined for a few rows.

Beads added.

 Continue weaving until you’ve achieved seven close to one inch sections of fiber (the section should measure one inch when you’ve added the row of beads) and six rows of beads.  Weave a footer as  mentioned at the beginning of this blog.

See you next week for our final blog on this piece!

Claudia Chase & Elena Zuyok
Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms


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