New Small Tapestry Purse

I keep getting torn in a million directions so actually finishing anything seems impossible these last couple of weeks.  In the middle of it I managed to rescue another cat, of course.  She was abandoned and living in my friend’s wood pile.  She’s about three and a complete love.  I can’t imagine anyone wanting to give this sweetie up.  We did check everywhere and she was not reported missing.  She’s got four double paws so they almost look like snow shoes!


The purse is coming along very well.  I now have most of the silk lining on it (oh did I pick some gorgeous silk for the lining!).  Since the piece incorporates slit tapestry, I did sew up all of the longer slits. I timed myself.  It only took a half an hour.  I had thought about using beads to sew up some of the slits.  I even tried it.  But because the pattern is so intense the beads looked really bad.  I will use beads (and include them in the kit) to sew on the strap.

The strap can be made two ways.  You can use a braiding disc and material other than the wool included with the kit to make a strap.  I am making one from rayon floss and novelty yarn.  But that will be for the weave-along piece because this strap is going to take a while to finish.  Fortunately, I can just throw the disc in my purse so while I was at the dentist today waiting to get my teeth cleaned I whipped out that disc and got at least two inches done.  For this purse, which I will finally be able to post tomorrow, I will use whatever yarn is left over from the kit (we are including one extra skein so don’t fear that you will come up short) to make a rope and turn that into a strap.  Ropes are easy to make.  You just twist a bunch of yarn together and then fold it in half back onto itself and let it twist.  It’s just like plying while spinning.

Okay, now for the one picture of the piece close to completion:

Right before I cut it off the loom.

Taking a lithe rest before being tied and sewn and all that stuff.


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