Elegant/Wedding Cuff Final Weave-along

The final week of the elegant/wedding cuff bracelet weave-along is upon us.  Whip out your patience and your scissors and your glue and your beads and your needle and let’s put this all together. First you are going to need to weave a footer with the warp thread.  Mine was about ten passes (five to one side and five back).  After that, it’s time to chop, chop.  Don’t be afraid.  Just make sure you leave at least four inches of warp so you can easily tie it off in overhand knots.  If you can, leave more than four inches.
Waiting to be set free.

Close up of the footer.
Taking a little rest before we continue with surgery.

At last, she has been set free.  Look at all those messy ends!  Thank goodness all the yucky stuff is going to be glued to the brass cuff so you’ll never see it.  Trim the back ends to about half an inch in length.  You basically want them to get out of your way.

To tie warp pairs, start with a the kind of knot you use to start tying your  shoes before the cute little bow.

Tighten that knot so it’s tight against the weavings edge.

Then tie an overhand knot.

Stick a needle into the knot so that you can push it close to the edge of the weaving.

Once you’ve got the knot in place, you can remove that needle and to to the next pair of warp threads.
Warp ends all tied!

Trim ends to about a quarter of an inch.

Hair cut finished.

That’s the glue I use.  You can use anything that works on fabric.  I like this stuff because it’s fairly slow drying and allows me to adjust the piece on the brass cuff before being permanently stuck to it.  Yes, it’s smelly.  The odor goes away in about 24 hours.

Glue dabbed on back of piece.  I’ve try to push all the ends into the center where the glue keeps them in place.  This keeps them out of the way when you attach the piece to the brass cuff.

Put tapestry on cuff folding over the ends as much as you need to.  You want them to reach just slightly past the cuff so you have ample material to sew into.  Too short is not good and will make you want to tear your hair out.

Attach the ultra suede to the back of your piece.  Again, you want the ends to be long enough that you can easily sew them to the tapestry.
Sew to the tapestry and ultra-suded together all around the cuff.

Now the fun part . . . adding beads.  Pick up one 15/0, one 11/0, one 15/0.  Whip stitch between the tapestry and the ultra suede doing your best to make sure you’ve covered any sewing thread that might be showing on the tapestry.  Don’t worry so much about how the back looks.  Your goal is make sure the front is beautiful.

See how pretty!

Almost done.

One more picture of it.

We will post our finished cuff on Facebook later today!  We are hoping you will do the same.  And then we will throw all your names in a hat (we will give you a few days to post) and randomly pick the winner of the OTT light.  What lucky person that will be.



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