Last Day of Current weave-along but new great ones to follow

This is the last day of the elegant/wedding cuff weave-along but we have another two great ones to follow.  The new one starts November 15th and includes two projects.  One is the beaded iPod kit and the other is the small purse tapestry kit:


You can weave them at the same time on one loom.  There will be a slight modification since the beaded kit requires the 12 dent coil using every dent and the purse uses the 14 dent coil using every other dent.  You can use the 12 dent coil for the purse using every other dent.  Just modify it slight by putting on six fewer warps.  Or simply, make sure you put on enough warps so that the width measures six inches. 
Or do just one or do both but on different looms.  In any case, you are going to want to participate in this weave-along because it will serve as a great learning experience for using the Mirrix Loom and shedding device.
And remember we do now have a shedding device for the eight inch loom:  allowing you to weave the beaded purse on the eight inch loom.  The wool purse is one inch too wide for the LaniLoom.
And yes, an active participant will be eligible to win a fabulous floor OTT light!  
Order your kits soon because we are having a hard time making them fast enough to keep in stock.


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