New Mirrix Products and the motor scooters

I thought it would be fun to line up some of the new products we’ve created here at Mirrix during this autumn.  It’s kind of stunning and now I know why I really could use some sleep.  I believe Elena feels the same.  And now as I think about and that picture I just took I even left out some stuff.

Let me list them, all of them:

The shedding device for the eight inch loom
The McKinley Loom (28 inches wide and 44 inches in possible weaving length)
The kumihimo on-the-go kit
The small tapestry purse kit
The tapestry cuff refill kit
The Just weft Yarn kit
The No Warps to Sew in kit
The 24 karat gold thread
The silk yarn selection
The ultra-suede
Tulip bead weaving needles
New Bead Soup

As well as a bunch of loom starter kits sure to keep you fascinated with weaving throughout the cold or wet winter months.

We welcome new suggestions and if we can and think it will work, we will try to create it or find it for you.  We want to become a place where you can shop for all your weaving needs, or at least a lot of them.  And we want to continue to find beautiful fiber for you to weave.  We love doing it and hope you love what we do!

And now the pictures you’ve been waiting for:  Vespa and Buddy!  They are really quite beautiful and I wish to heck winter was not a reality here so I could actually ride them more than twice before I have to pack up their batteries and winterize their gas.  


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