Mirrix’s Weave-Along 3: The Beaded Purse

We are ready to Begin!

Pull out your patience and your love of beads and weaving, and let’s embark  on an adventure in bead weaving that is sure to be the first of many.

Tools needed to weave this piece:
A Mirrix Loom 8 inches wide or wider
A twelve dent warp coil
A beading needle
Materials need to weave this piece:  

Myuki Size 10 Delica Beads:
50 grams of black
10 grams of Met Patina Iris
15 grams Met Gold Iris
2 bobbins black C-Lon beading thread
Duponi silk for lining

If you do not own the Mirrix kit and pattern, please email claudia@mirrixlooms.com and I will send you a PDF of the full printable pattern.

Setting up your Mirrix Loom:
The minimum warp length is 22 inches.  This can be accomplished using a Mirrix Laniloom or 12 inch loom.  Larger looms, because of their added height, require an extra warping bar kit to put on a 22 inch warp or simply make the loom as short as possible (leaving two inches of threaded rod showing for adjustment purposes) if you do not have the kit.
Warp the loom for use with or without the shedding device using the 12 dent warp coil. Use whichever method with which you feel the most comfortable.  You will need 43 rows of warp.  The final piece will be 3 inches wide and 13 inches tall.

Please click on one of the two links below to refresh yourself about warping with or without the shedding device for bead weaving.  

Please note:  We have used the bottom spring kit for this piece.  If you use kit you will not have to weave in the two threads to help isolate your pairs of threads before weaving your first row.

Below are some photos from my warping moment.

I ran out of warp at the very end.  All I had to do was tie off the old thread and tie on a new one and continue in the correct direction.
You see I was almost done!

A big nod and thanks to the McKinley family who both pointed out that one can balance the warping bar with something pretty.  They sent me a lovely collection of ribbons for this purpose.  I did not center my piece to avoid the the center screw in the shedding device.

Ready for heddles!

A ribbon holding in place the bar that has been woven underneath one warp in each dent to more easily identify which warp to put the heddle around.

Heddles on and ready to go.  Just have to remove the bar and stick it in the  top spring.

I am ready to weave this purse!


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