Continuing to Weave

We hope you got some time out this Thanksgiving weekend to do some weaving between cooking and eating, but if not, you won’t be falling too far behind in the weave-along. This week, we’re continuing to weave and have explored (below) another option for finishing your tapestry purse. Take your time and enjoy it! Remember to post pictures of your progress. Our Facebook group is a great place to do that.

Happy beginning of the holiday season!

Claudia & Elena

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The Beaded Purse

We will post pictures of the beaded purse with a little more progress later in the week, but basically for this week, you’ll just keep on weaving! Please let us know if you have any problems or questions. If you’re still stuck on warping or putting heddles on, check out the little videos we made to help guide you!

The Tapestry Purse

For those of you who are weaving the original design for the small tapestry purse, keep on weaving until it is at least thirteen or fourteen inches long or even longer.  It’s your choice.  Decide what will live inside it and how long it needs to be to have enough depth to fit those items.  I felt  at thirteen inches mine was a tad too short because my cellphone only fits in it sideways.  It’s too long to fit in it vertically.

For those of you who have decided to weave using the second method (weaving your wefts in one direction and then ending them all and starting a new set) I have completed that piece.  But just to give you more food for thought or food for weaving, I made this one shorter so that it will be an eyeglass case. That was six inches and a half long.  If I had gone for maybe seven and a half inches it would have worked as a cellphone case.  But it’s just shy in width to fit my cellphone.  I wanted to show you all the possibilities of weaving with this yarn on this warp.  Plus, since I started the second piece on the same warp as the first I did not have enough warp length to weave another full tapestry piece.  Another reason was:  this is a great gift for a guy and I do plan to give this eyeglass case to a male for the holidays.  I really am making as many gifts as I can, all of them based on our current kits.

Ready for some pictures!

Not quite done!

Getting there!  Note the straight edges.  Very important.

Adding the header.

Header done.

That is a measuring stick.  But you can’t really see the numbers.

PIece with all her hair before tying off the ends in overhand knots.  Weight the piece with a brick or book or whatever and then tie overhand knots.  Stick a needle into the knot before it is closed and push it toward the piece.  That way the knot will land where you need it to land.

I’ve trimmed the ends to about a half an inch.  I also trimmed the weft ends to about two thirds of an inch.

Next steps:

1) Fold header and footer over and sew to back of tapestry.
2) Sew up slits.
3) Line back of tapestry with silk fabric.
4) Sew together (fringed edges and bottom) to form an eyeglass case/cellphone case.
5) Bead around sewn up edge and around top of case to decorate/disguise sloppy sewing job (in my case) although since this is being given to a man I might step up my sewing skills and skip the beads.

Next week:  Finishing this piece and cutting the other tapestry piece off the loom.

Weave on!


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